Steven Luksha
Casino Arizona Casino Arizona
Scottsdale, Arizona
"Steven Luksha"
This casino is ridiculous! We enjoy going to a casino with a set amount and playing for as long as we can, we never expect to walk out with a big win or even a win. However, when you can't even play a penny slot machine for less than a 35¢ minimum bet, your money doesn't last long and you don't win anything because you are only getting to play one line for that minimum 35¢. My husband likes to play Keno, after finally finding a 5¢ Keno machine, he sat down and put his money in, only to discover it had a 40¢ minimum bet, although it didn't stats that until after he put his money in. Also, the pay out machines do not pay out any cents you have on your ticket, even though plenty of casinos we've been to do. Just another way for this casino to get you to put more money into a machine or keep your cents, along with the million of other people's cents, that sure adds up to more money in their pockets!! Bottom line, not impressed with the greediness of this casino and will not be back. We will be sure to advertise our opinion, for free.