620 306 1071 BERRY
Osage Casino - Bartlesville Osage Casino - Bartlesville
Bartlesville, Oklahoma
"620 306 1071 BERRY"
Osage Casino is a good after fear of friends neighbors out of town people new people to new people plenty of parking the staff is awesome to help when needed senior citizens in elderly people or well treated as a customer and it's a place to Joy having fun Fellowship is not about winning or losing it's about come close to me and you people as you enjoy the fun of having to play She Knows good food. Sunday's when they have the big Buffet open it's a great place to fill up if you're really hungry awesome service waitress or a little slow cuz it's crowded and most of the time on Sundays but it is a great place to go just to have fun and fellowship with new people always treated with awesome respect they need to keep their.