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Mar 16 '18 at 8:50

Anna Stafford

Anna Stafford
The late morning shift lady was rude and cussing some of the customers bc she got mad bc she had to come back to the counter to wait on at least 6 drivers who had to call for her several times to let her lazy a$$ know she had a job to do and drivers have been waiting in line for 5 mins!! She limped around the counter as if she was doing drugs or meth and cussing to herself and being hateful to everyone she waited on in the line!!!! I’m appalled that TA would allow someone like her work there and I will NEVER allow my drivers to by fuel here again.I heard about this employee before so I decided to do a secret shopping there to see what my drivers are experiencing when they come to this TA this time of the morning. She needs to be fired and she didn’t represent this TA at all or the company ( brown kinky curly hair pulled up in a pony tail and it was nappy, makeup was all smeared on her face, she was tweaking bad, drug withdrawals). Majority of the TA employees are super friendly but this lady had some serious issues to think it’s ok to be hateful to people/ especially customers bc she hates her job!!! Leave bc NOBODY told you to work there in the first dam place!!! Three ladies standing there was so shocked that they didn’t even know what to say or do bc the clerks behavior is not something you experience when we are the reasons why she has a job!!! I will be calling corporate along with the other drivers. Obviously the manager doesn’t care and let’s her get by with it or else she wouldn’t be treating customers like that regardless of her issues but if one is on drugs while the manager isn’t there, then she thinks she can get by with it. VERY DISAPPOINTED IN THIS TA!!!!