Storm Getsay
Scottsdale Recreation Ground
Scottsdale, Tasmania
"Storm Getsay"
This has to be one of my favorite fishing areas in Arizona, you won't catch a fish everytime but thats why it's called fishing not catching. There is so much wildlife to observe and become a part of, would be deemed fun for the entire family. I've seen wild horses, Cardinals and many species of bird, beautifully crafted beehives in the rock walls, javelina, skunk and have caught many types of fish. Be cautious of wildlife, but remember they're not aggressive nor are they out there to hurt you. Consider yourself their guest, and be respectful. 4x4 exploring, fishing, family events, hiking, tubing, swimming and many opportunities to learn and understand Arizona Wildlife. Tonto pass is required and this is a day use spot as far as every sign is concerned, they do have a machine at the beginning of the road into Needlerock to get your Tonto pass encase you've forgotten or simply don't know where to get one. They also sell Tonto passes at gas stations but I would call and ask before traveling out of your way if you decide to opt out of using the machine newly installed.