Dia Lortz
Gold Country Casino & Hotel Gold Country Casino & Hotel
Oroville, California
"Dia Lortz"
As casinos go, this one has many other good offeri gs besides gambling. There are 3 restaurants, 2 event locations? for excellent music acts and other performances. There are frequent special holiday events. They host good romantic weekend and other packages with perks. The security is on top of everything so people better watch it to stay in line or risk being asked to leave, they even have cameras with very sharp sound pickup in all the parking lots and that could probably eavesdrop on your hotel rooms if they wished, though that is illegal, therefore?, unlikely. The hotel rooms are nice and big and clean and reasonably priced. You have self serve soda and coffee available 24/7 in the casino. There is a whole seperate building for bingo. The staff is pretty nice. They offer many perks and incentives to their customers. For a casino, its pretty cool. Not winning anything though.