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Mar 24 '18 at 1:55

Frank Campbell

Frank Campbell
Noisey, both from inside and outside! Furthermore it is filthy and stinky! It is disfuctional and furniture is broken down. I have stayed in some bad hotels but this is among the worst ever! Some staff friendly and helpful, most however were indifferent, if not verging on rude. The stench in the first room was so overpowering i had to ask to be moved. When i requested the manager to accompany me to see for himself what i was talking about, he said he believed me! The second room was only somewhat better! It is indeed strange when the nicest smelling item in the room is the TP! Is it too much to ask for a clean and quiet place in a hotel?! Seeing so many comments with similar complaints i now understand why the manager ‘believes me’, but then i do not understand why the management doesn’t do anything about it. The crowning of the week was when they added some mini bar items to the bill which i had not consumed. Really sad to write such a negative review but ths ‘hotel’ simply does not meet Radisson standards and is not recommendable!