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Mar 9 '18 at 0:35


The Cosmopolitan is a very nice hotel, only If you get a renovated room on a renovated floor. The first two rooms we were given were not clean. You can notice this when you get off the elevator and see a highly stained carpet, which carried over to each room. The shower in both was caked with white deposits. The third room was on a fully renovated floor. It was excellent! If I were given the renovated room first, I would had rated the hotel five stars. What's great about the Cosmopolitan is the customer service. They were very kind and offered no excuses. We even received a call from corporate about our complaints. The problem, however, it took four different customer service reps, a housekeeping supervisor to review the room (she was very nice, professional, and said there was no excuse for the room), a call from corporate, in order to talk to a manager which gave us a renovated room. The rest of the stay was exceptional. The only hassle was during checkout they charged extra for the renovated room, which they said they would not, but quickly refunded the charges when a manager was contacted. I would stay again if I received a renovated room and didn't have to spend the first half day trying to get a clean room.