Sheri Bennett-styckiewicz
Flamingo Beach Resort Casino Flamingo Beach Resort Casino
"Sheri Bennett-styckiewicz"
We recently returned from the Divi Flamingo. I was appalled to hear of the roach infestation and Divis nonchalant attitude of we will spray in the morning ing. He had to insist they spray, despite it being 3am in the morning. Looking at photo's the place is in need of attention. Peeling paint and mold is common to all units. Maids reuse the water so your floor is mopped with filthy dirty water. I was also saddened to hear that regulars are being turned away for diving as they favor the groups. It was busy but to turn your back on loyal customers is not acceptable. The boats were packed. Cattle boats to be honest. Additionally, the resort still charges an energy surcharge even though the electric rates have gone done long ago. Just another way to gouge their guests. I would recommend captain dons habitat or buddy dive for accommodations and diving. Just waking up in the middle of the night to find your floor covered with roaches is bad even though you expect some as it is the islands. Food was good but on the high side. Recommend going into town as there are some great restaurants. It's a great island but there's other establishments who would appreciate your business more and proved a nicer cleaner stay. If I were a timeshare owner, I'd be quite upset as its clearly obvious they aren't using the maintenance fees to maintain the units!