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Mar 26 '18 at 17:48

Thunder Ridge

I have been to this mountain many times but thing are slowly changing for worse. Now. they have careless and rude receptionist, instructors that are just concerned with themselves and thief’s, yeah, thief’s! Two weeks ago, my family and I went to ski, and in the morning when we went inside to purchase tickets, my daughter's skis were taken from the rack. Let me just put a pause here to say that her skis had her name, were bundled together with the family’s skis and had last name on both skis. The receptionist rudely asked me if I had a lock on the skis, trying to make it our fault. A lock, have you seen anyone put a lock on the skis racks? With 2 small kids she told me to wait 30 minutes on every ski lift line to see if anyone took by mistake. We asked to see the footage of the camera that was directly line of site of the ski rack, but they refused by saying: "We have no face recognition on those cameras"...What?! I do not need face recognition I just need to see who took my kids skiis. Well, after 45 minutes of trying to look for the skis, crying kids and frustrated parents, the mountain staff made no effort to help. They act like this was something very common and were making no effort to assist. We checked in with them at the end of the day, but no ski’s. We had to insist to exchange contact info in case they showed up. Over the weekend, we sent them emails with pictures of the skis and descriptions, but they never responded. Finally, we contacted the office by phone and the woman said the skis were there (thanks for letting us know). But wait...here comes the strange part. We made another trip to the mountain just to get my daughter's skis back. Well, the skis were there but whoever took the ski’s removed both name stickers with her name on it and adjusted the boot size. The other strange part was that the staff for the mountain knew that the boot size was altered. How, did he know the shoe sizes were altered?! The mountain receptionist did not even gave us a discount to ski that day, considering all we had to go through on the first place. There was no apologies given to us, and again very strange that they act like this was normal, it was a very disappointing experience!