Brenda B Barksdale
Bally's Tunica Bally's Tunica
Tunica Resorts, Mississippi
"Brenda B Barksdale"
Upon arrival we did not see a valet. We went to the valet station and were met with a very reluctant valet. We went to casino services to get player cards. There were 4 of us and we jouned a line of 6 or 7 others. There was one window open but three other employeesthere. Only one was working. The others were standing around and one, dressed in a green Jackpot top, never mived at all. Not one of the three made eye contact or made any effort to help. One man in the growing line made a jester to open another window but was ignored. When I finally got to the window I told the one working young man that there was an angry crowd brewing. I was mortified when he responded"yeah, we don't care." I told him that was obvious and turned to the 8 or 10 people behind me and told them that I had been told that they didn't care. On our way out the door we stopped to look at a couple of the table games. The dealers never looked up, let alone invited us to play.We left without playing anything. We have been comming to Tunica for many years and have been so saddened by the conditions of the casinos. The physical appearance is one thing but employees that obviously don't care will, and should, be out of a job real soon. A chain is only as strong as it's weakest link and this casino has too many weak links to make it successful. To add insult to injury we felt responsible to tip the rude valet to get our car. Bad, sad, depressing situation here which reflects horribly on the management. Will not be back.