Henrique Sampaio Ferreira
Tragamonedas Santa Elena Tragamonedas Santa Elena
Santa Elena
"Henrique Sampaio Ferreira"
Good place to go eat and drink! The Buffet is great like all Cassinos! As you can see in the picture below there is a Menu of the Buffet and the prices as well! It is a all you can eat buffet, but not open bar, you get a beer or a small bottle of wine! The Cassino has all types of games! But it isn’t fun at all, the costumers don’t interact with each other! In the roulette when someone wins nobody cheers! What’s the point of that? That’s the fun part of a Cassino, interacting and cheering for each other! Because we are playing the house, not against each other! The energy is a downer! Didn’t like it!