Ctina Blankk
Wild Horse Pass Hotel & Casino Wild Horse Pass Hotel & Casino
Chandler, Arizona
"Ctina Blankk"
Best Casino I've ever been to, it's big and doesn't feel crammed, there's hundreds of games to play, including several tables, and you don't bump into people like other Casino's. Awesome food there as well, they have a foodcourt of your choice of food to choose from, and a couple restaurants, a few bars as well. The air is ventilated, and if you're a non-smoker like me, that's a big deal, because it actually feels like you can breath in there, and just smell cigarettes. And the staff is so friendly, they take care of you like they know you personally. And when you feel good, you win big! If gambling isn't your thing though, they have a night club there as well! Best part is, this place feels upscale, and classy. And if you don't feel like driving home, the hotel is connected to the casino, so you can just rent a room. :)