Ron Stevenson
Comanche Red River Casino Comanche Red River Casino
Devol, Oklahoma
"Ron Stevenson"
Was up by $100 at other place down the street when we decided to go here. Found half the slots not working. We only play poker video. This place now only has 6 (YES ONLY 6) video poker and out of that - 1 didn't work, 2 wouldn't take money, and 1 had rewards cards reader down. Lost the $100 in about 30 minutes since we could only play 2 of them. Rewards suck too. Scored over 1800 points down the road and $100 ahead on their 15 or so video poker (all working great). Here got 38 points in that 30 minutes. Needed at least 100 to get $5 American flag. REALLY? Won't be going back myself.