C-Note De Burgerac
Feather Warrior Casino - Watonga Feather Warrior Casino - Watonga
Watonga, Oklahoma
"C-Note De Burgerac"
I was kinda scared of the ole idioum "first your money then your clothes" would become opperable while visiting this "casino" ....and like slapping a canary expecting grease to fall out I never hit there...it would have been more fruitful to just throw my money into a building and leave...bur i dared to be bold...as a group of hostile eyes watch me I had the audacity to remove one of their precious styrofoam cups and fill it with ice and soda without leaving them any money for the free drink dispenser.... I will not be back but I gave two stars to indicate it wasn't all bad...( if I only give one star then you know it's bad bad bad and this place is just kind of like throwing your money away so it gets 2 ??)