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Apr 7 '18 at 23:05

Alexa V

Mount Airy Casino Resort

Alexa V
I was pretty disappointed in my visit. If I want to do a casino I generally do Sands Bethlehem, but I don’t really like it there, and I had the idea in my head that Mount Airy was much better. There isn’t anywhere to get a cheap bite to eat, like a slice of pizza or something. And the casino is tiny—I felt like I had circled it 10 times in an hour. They don’t have good beer available for those on the casino floor, only Natural Light, but in other casinos I’ve been to I can get whatever alcohol I’d like. I suppose it’s a good place to go gamble if you’re close to Mount Pocono, but we drove from around the NYC area and it feels a little far for how small the casino was. It also seems like most areas are smoking areas, which became overpowering for me after a bit. All in all, it’s only okay as a casino. I haven’t stayed in the hotel, but the hotel portion does look very small. Even in its decrepit state, I probably prefer Atlantic City.