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Apr 8 '18 at 2:47

Jake's 58 Hotel & Casino

This casino is very clean and has a variety of games on each floor . We arrived at this casino around 8:00 and the parking lot , which is already small was packed . We ride around for like 15-20 minutes looking for a spot . After parking , we entered the establishment and were immediately greeted by security guards who asked for my Id. After being cleared we visited the various floor and played games which kept us entertained for about 3 hours . The bathrooms are clean , and well decorated. As I was leaving I tried to use a bathroom that was being mopped thinking that I could get in the bathroom anyway . The lady that was cleaning the bathroom was adamant about me staying out of the bathroom because it was soaking wet and could be dangerous for me . Luckily there was a unisex bathroom right next door that I could use . All in all this casino is great but it’s a very far drive from Brooklyn so I won’t be frequenting this casino often.