Devon Gibson
Bally's - Las Vegas Bally's - Las Vegas
Las Vegas, Nevada
"Devon Gibson"
I make an effort to stay at Cesar’s hotels. I was just here with my friend last weekend (stayed at the Flamingo), stayed at the Paris a couple of months ago, etc. Anyways, I have always had a great time staying at these hotels. HOWEVER! Last night I arrived with my sister to check into Bally’s. My sister and I approached the check-in desk and were met by a rude employee. Shortly into check in, I began to ask if there were any rooms available in the tower that faces the Paris. I was told to ask this question at check in, when I called to make the hotel reservation. Long story short, the guy was EXTREMELY rude. Basically yelling at me and talking at me as if I was incapable of understanding what he was saying. Other people in line were starring at us wondering what the altercation was about. It was embarrassing. The room I paid for was a strip view, Jubilee room. Needless to say. We did not get a strip view. Instead I was shouted at by this employee. I don’t feel like his behavior was justified. I was simply asking a question. He became defensive and hostile. Although I love the Cesar’s hotels. This experience has left a bad taste in my mouth and unless it is corrected, I feel like this may be enough to deter me from booking here again. Giving 2 stars because the hotel it’s self is decent