Andrea Frey
Rising Star Casino Resort
Rising Sun, Indiana
"Andrea Frey"
Oh goodness all the lobster tails you can eat! On the buffet. You just had to keep going up as they would only give you one at a time other than that I wasn't impressed with the buffet. Went to a concert. Wonderful Lee Brice. It would be nice if the seats were elevated stadium style. We had a drunk lady in front of us. Who thought she was in her 20s ( very far from that) stood up and danced most of the concert! The poor lady next to moved over to sit half on my chair to try and see! Sad to pay money for a concert and spend it watching a drunk old ladies butt wiggling the whole time. I even politely ask her friend if she could ask her to sit as the lady behind her couldn't see any of the show. That only made it worse she got the 3 young girls who had been respectful to stand up the rest of the show! Mgr should handle those things