Robert Rowland
Klondike Sunset Casino Klondike Sunset Casino
Henderson, Nevada
"Robert Rowland"
I was at the casino playing machine 1203 on Sunday at around 4:30 pm. There was a piece of metal sticking out of the left side of machine scraping my skin and left thumb. I called Victoria to tell them the safety and showed her my hand, she then called Harvey the mod for the day. I filled out incident report and Harvey left. 30 minutes later a friend sat down next to me. I should her my hand she said it was starting to swell and I should get a tetinus shot because I scraped against metal. I called Victoria she immediately called Harvey to come down and advise. Harvey the MOD did not come down or bother to show up. I waited for over 30 minutes he still didn't show up. I was furious went to the rewards center and said some things about Harvey. I'm hurt left hand is swollen Harvey never showed up. Following day I confronted Harvey he said " I Was to Busy". What a joke sorry for getting hurt because your machine had metal shard sticking out.