Mike A Obi
Century Casino & Hotel Century Casino & Hotel
Central City, Colorado
"Mike A Obi"
Seems like the drive from Aurora is a little too far when you only have a $100 to play with it goes way too fast then your stuck driving another hour and ten minutes home bummed out you blew your last $100 and didn't even win a single penny I know $100 isn't much but it's all I had ?????? alright enough about being a sore loser place is awesome always good times if you like slots to Texas holdem this is the spot to be plus if you've never been before they give you a new players Card and every few points you get on the card you get $5 so I think my first time I got $50 free from them to play on the slots which I ended up winning $300 so I was happy!!!?? Well anywho place is great plus they have a great prime rib deal for super cheap if your into that kind of thing!! Well hope this helped good luck if you like this post you'll win big so please like and luck will be on your side!????????????????