Shay S
Konocti Vista Casino, Resort, Marina and RV Park Konocti Vista Casino, Resort, Marina and RV Park
Lakeport, California
"Shay S"
Centrally located in the Lakeport southern western area of Clear Lake with boat access full doc for small to yacht size boat full-size bar a full size Hotel and full size camping RV parking with sewer hookup electrical access as well really favorable odds on their slot machines and a few tables for cards as well. Konocti Vista Casino is a few minutes from downtown Lakeport California close to Jack In The Box Taco Bell McDonald's a full-sized electronic cigarette vape shop and a gas Station Market my favorite thing about this place is you can be out on the lake anywhere on Clear Lake and pull right up to the Dock dock your boat for free and go gamble go eat go have some fun and hop on your boat and and get right back on the water within 2 minutes from the casino you just walk right out there beautiful f****** place really nice people the staff is really friendly knowledgeable and really eager to try to help you in and seem to have a genuine care for everybody having a good time in and possibly making the money