Andrea Howard
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"Andrea Howard"
BE AWARE: MAJESTIC RESORT HAS AS A REGULAR PROTOCOL TO OVERBOOK AND BUMP PASSENGERS TO OTHER HOTELS. THEIR MOTTO IS HOW TO MAXIMIZE PROFITS REGARDLESS OF THE CLIENT EXPERIENCE. I verified that statement by two hotel employees admitting that as a regular practice.The hotel, food and installations are nice, however the front desk and managerial department are disappointing and ruined my family vacation. Here is our story: As soon as we arrived we had to be in line for 45 minutes for the check in. Then they told us they were overbooked and had to send us to Bahia Prince resort to spend the night. " Come back tomorrow to see if there is a room available", by the guarantees.They lost one of our suitcases during the hotel transfers.Twenty four hours after our arrival to Dominical republic we were still walking around from resort to resort with luggage on tow, unable to see the beach or touch the sand. They offered us $300 credit for the inconvenience that can be used in the hotel spa. At the end of the stay, we checked out at 3:00 am to go to the airport and they wanted to charge us for the spa services because the credit was never entered or recorded in our room. I booked and paid for a 7-day vacation however my family and me only got to enjoy 6 days. Who is going to refund me for the lost day and the chain of inconveniences? BE AWARE TRAVELERS