Terry Morrill
Shoshone Rose Casino Shoshone Rose Casino
Lander, Wyoming
"Terry Morrill"
The casino isn't all bad if you're going to visit once. However the conditions for players have consistently gotten worse here, both for the table games and slot enthusiasts. As far as table games are concerned, there's no reason to not just play Wind River in Riverton now, the good rules, fun promotional rule sets and the like have been stripped away from blackjack, and their ultimate Holdem table features a worse trips pay table than Wind River. Not that Wind River has good tables either... For the slot players, they at least offer some free play but the players club has recently discontinued sending out mailers to loyal customers with food and room comps, and if you're a dollar machine player who hits a large jackpot ($8,000+) good luck getting the casino to actually pay you instead of getting the run around on how they need to mail a cheque. Oh, and the cage isn't stocked with near enough $100 bills for a casino, you may bring a $500 ticket to the cage only to get $500 in 20s and 5s.