Brian watzig
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Lame Deer, Montana
"Brian watzig"
they really should have updated ventilation in the Casino when they added the hotel, after going there for a few hours I always reek from the small of smoke, they need a section for non-smokers.someone commented that there was a non-smoking area, that is not true since they don't enforce it, the only non-smoking area in the casino is a small section in the bingo hall. I wish they would have put a pool at the Hotel they just built, I would like to bring my family down so they could relax by the pool when I'm gambling.. I contacted staff about it and they suggested they go to the museum, I don't consider that relaxing because of all the walking you will do there and having to pay to get in.. they are constantly taking out the machines people win on, and there payout % is far less then other casinos since they would rather pay the fine then report there average payout %