David C. Holcomb
Tonopah Station Tonopah Station
Tonopah, Nevada
"David C. Holcomb"
Warning: I like funky old hotels/motels so I enjoyed this place, but if you don't care for that type of experience, steer clear. This one's a resort of the old Nevada style, kept up but likely never to be renovated. The room was clean and comfortable; didn't do much in the casino (lived in Vegas too long to find such things much of a thrill anymore). Close to some nice coffee and breakfast joints, with their own restaurants as well. Very shy but friendly desk staff and a general friendliness throughout, which is more important to me than being brand new or of modern styling. It's also in the center of the state (more or less) and there's a rich history there, as well as the rugged beauty of the Mojave desert. I'd recommend going in any season except summer - the heat here can be literally dangerous.