Cass T.
Rocky Gap Casino & Resort Rocky Gap Casino & Resort
Flintstone, Maryland
"Cass T."
Upon arrival, I was surely inspired by the beauty of the landscape, the view of lake, and just the simple and serene beauty. Unfortunately, I did not experience the same level of awe when it came to my room. Quite pricey, I did not expect that I would experience a slow/broken drain in sink which made brushing teeth, etc, a plain hassle. Bed was broken or not sitting properly as it dropped to floor as I got into bed for the night. Never, not even in a Super 8 motel, have I experienced anything similar. In regards to casino, the slots were tight, and not many good games. I believe that the machines may be rigged for the rich, or rather, the exclusive resort club members to win something; these are likely the few stating in reviews that the slots paid off for them. No one was winning anything around me. This was a highly anticipated getaway, a break from business I needed for months. I could have gone anywhere, but, really thought I'd enjoy it here. I recommend only for the rich or well off, people that can afford to waste money. For all others, I do recommend any other casino.