Rebecca Zahm
King's Ransom Casino King's Ransom Casino
Mooringsport, Louisiana
"Rebecca Zahm"
I went to go see Love, Simon at the Brendan Theater located inside of the Palms. The movie was great, good was good. Parking was awful. When entering near valet, there are signs for self park that lead you to a construction fence with no help for a detour. The theater itself was having trouble with its automated ticket system. They didn't have people standing behind the counter for you to buy a ticket, it was just a bunch of touchscreen computers, which were not working. When trying to pick your seating, an error message popped up saying that seat was "broken". Not sure what that meant. Seemed like everyone around us was having the same issue. We were forced to pick seats in the very front row. But when we got to our theater, those "broken" seats didn't seem broken at all. We eventually moved to those seats as sitting in the front row was a strain on our neck. Overall I had a good time with my friends and will be back for $5 movie monday, but will definitely try to buy tickets ahead of time.