Catie Stacey
Buff's Bar & Casino Buff's Bar & Casino
Forsyth, Montana
"Catie Stacey"
This place has cheap food and drinks but you definitely get what you pay for. The food is bad and I keep trying things on the menu to find something decent because it is so affordable, no luck. Almost every time I drink here, there are mystery things floating in my drink. The staff looks positively miserable and the service is poor. Due to the lack of choices in the area, we end up here sometimes. I've never left a review because I felt bad. But after three years of being a repeat customer and fishing mystery goo out of my drink AGAIN, I've had enough. This place has promise and is in a great location. All it needs is service. Oh and it always smells like pee in there. After reading the review about the cook calling a customer a b*!@&, I will never go back.