Jay Bee Wrote
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"Jay Bee Wrote"
-DO NOT-I REPEAT "DO NOT" Let Tropicana dupe you into staying in their crappy Chelsea hotel wing! If you are used to even the slightest quality and cleanliness, you will be outraged staying here! DUSTY, DIRTY, TRASHY, OUTDATED! -Elevator is torn, tattered, trash, missing floor buttons; crusty bathroom with urine and menstrual stained outdated tile, raggedy old tub, tissue roll is under sink, down by back of toilet; trash on balcony; non-smoking room smelled like a cigar bar; exposed pipes through poorly lit hall; ETC. -Tropicana should be ashamed, offering this disgusting, run down place. About $250-300 a night in what looks like a movie set for an abandoned apartment building from 1960. Very disturbing and uncomfortable. Needs gutting and remodeling.