Elaine Castille
Sunland Park Racetrack & Casino Sunland Park Racetrack & Casino
Sunland Park, New Mexico
"Elaine Castille"
This place deserves no stars. Little to no payout. Events are overcrowded and if there is a shooter everyone would be dead because these people do not know about safety hazards or do they care about them. Or if there is a fire it would be because of their lousy cooks. The nacho cheese was really cold and they look mad if you take it back. I don’t drink so I don’t understand why they treat me as if I were drunk. Employees are rude. Same people win all the time in those events of the month. You only get help from staff (waitresses, the people who hand you cash if you win jackpot, the people who fix machines, etc.) if they know you tip them.