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Apr 15 '18 at 11:45


The Millers Inn

the worst venue to go to for a gamble even the free spin features are so cheap nothing over 600 wins after spending 1000 at any game there you will be down on your luck if you wish to gamble there and even the heart machine you will never never never see more than 5 hearts lighting games good luck if you see anything over 600 and that's saying the major jackpot even.... and not a bitter guy for looking at the pokies coz we win some loose some rifles Williamstown is best option take my advice or leave it lol even more chilly all of them will drain you dry you can take in 5000$ and I swear on my mum's grave you will on the biggest losing streak the machine payouts is disgusting I have won lots there years ago but past year they have gone really bad altona bowling club is a very very good place to go as well sit at the Miller's for a hour watch over the machines and see the misery at the Miller's haha the place is a joke