Cheryl Walters
Casino Oklahoma Casino Oklahoma
Hinton, Oklahoma
"Cheryl Walters"
Poor machine payouts. When you have a problem with the machine such as out of paper, it is hard to find a service attendant to help you. I had to go to the cage so that they would page someone. This happens regardless of time of day and even if they do not have a lot of customers. The down stairs bathroom is unattended so a lot of times it is nasty. They have problems with their water so one weekend they had port a potties. Sometimes there is not hot water. On the plus side, they always have staff to clean ash trays and pick up the trash around the machines. Depending on who is working the grill, the food can be tasty or poorly and sloppily made. They do not have enough cash out machines, so there is normally a long line at any of the 3 located in the casino. They have some new games, but again the payout is poor.