Artyom Bulychyoff-Freeman
Salamis Bay Conti Resort Hotel and Casino Salamis Bay Conti Resort Hotel and Casino
"Artyom Bulychyoff-Freeman"
(Unlike the hotel "Chateau Lambousa", where there is no normal organization of services, the service is at level "-1" (that is very bad, but expensive), and the boss of the hotel is a crazy boor and racist.) In the hotel "Salamis" everything is very good and high quality. Good location, clean beach with sunbeds. Pools are cleaned every night, in the restaurant "buffet" a large number of delicious dishes. Throughout the hotel you can walk barefoot and do not be afraid to get injured. Since our guide, was the same racist as the boss of the hotel described above, we got a very uncomfortable room in a bad place near the parking lot. But the administration of the hotel "Salamis", without any problems agreed to change our room for a better one near the pool and the sea. And we were spoiled only one night due to the guilt of the guide.