Ethan Russo
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Sutherlin, Oregon
"Ethan Russo"
I rate this a 2 star because I didn't have the very best experience. I went to hit at the batting cage and the 70 to 85 MPH was locked. I decided to just go to the next level down. That machine wasn't feeding any balls. After that, instead of hitting 70 to 85, I ended up hitting 45 to 60 MPH. The machine wasn't very accurate because it was super slow. I believe there were only maybe about 10 balls in the machine, so it would feed 10 (four are actual strikes) and then have to cycle through the entire machine again! I went there to get some nice batting practice and it was a straight up joke. Now, don't get me wrong, everything else is really good. Laser tag and pretty good food. Just DO NOT go to the batting cages. Waste of money and your time.