Shawn Brown
Cherokee Nation Outpost Tobacco Shop
Catoosa, Oklahoma
"Shawn Brown"
Occasionally, one of my professional associations will have a meeting at the Hard Rock. The facility is clean and the staff are always very polite and helpful. Unfortunately, to get to meeting rooms or the restaurants (which all have delicious food, BTW), you have to walk through the smoke-filled casino. They use advanced ventilation systems to try and remove as much smoke from the air as they can but let me tell you--if you walk into that place for any length of time, you come out smelling like an ashtray. They have a non-smoking section of the casino, but again, to get to it, you have to walk through the smoky part. It's a deal-breaker for me. Even if I was inclined to play slots/games on occasion (which I'm not), I couldn't get past the smoke.