Danielle Marie Avats
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"Danielle Marie Avats"
ATTEMPTED BREAK IN !! It is 4 am and about an hour ago someone attempted to BREAK INTO my room. Here is how I know it wasn’t just a drunk person mistakenly trying to get into what they assumed was their room. They jiggled the door multiple times, NO use of a card was heard and when my father jumped up (from what I assume was a decent sleep) I exclaimed in mild shock and still heard someone jiggling the door. Only when my father took a chair and braced it to the door did we both hear the perpetrator RUN AWAY. We called the front desk and they addressed us shortly and with nonchalance. It has been more than an HOUR and no security has shown up to our room. I am shaking. I have stayed in MOTELS in Joshua Tree and have felt safer than I do here. This hotel is ON THE LV STRIP. I expected more. POOR FACILITIES !! A smoke alarm was popped out near the elevators on BOTH ends of the hallway. The tub was dirty and slippery with NO non slip protective surface suctioned onto the tub floor. The curtains were dirty. The sheets were musty and their thermostat was not working properly. We were willing to OVERLOOK all of those things. But after their carelessness concerning their guests’ safety we CANNOT stay. Please do not take your loved ones here. All it would take is one too many drinks to not hear that door jiggle and what was a CLOSE CALL, could’ve been dangerous. You and your loved ones deserve much better than this. Stay safe.