Donna Harrison
Hollywood Casino - Joliet Hollywood Casino - Joliet
Joliet, Illinois
"Donna Harrison"
The only bad thing I can say about this place is one employee. I may not spell her name right but here goes. Astaria was at the front desk. We walked in and I told her we were about twenty minutes early. Before I could add we paid extra for early check in, she looked at the clock and said you are way too early. Quite rudely, because we were interrupting her flirting with the man who was already there. You can't check in til 4. I said we paid for early check in. She didn't even look up our reservation. So we went over to the seating area and waited for the twenty minutes. We were then called back to the front desk by another woman. Karen was amazing. So friendly and helpful. The young lady who sets up the breakfast in the mornings is also so friendly. Clean rooms. The room we had the air conditioner didn't work well at all. We were too warm. the dial wouldn't go below 70. With a hot tub in the room, it get warm. So you will need the a/c. Aside from the one, every employee was so happy and smiling. If you get a chance to eat at the Final Cut Steak house, do it. The food was amazing and if you leave hungry, that's your own fault. haha. We will go back there again. We won't let one bad egg ruin a whole place for us.