Miss. M H
Sportsman's Royal Manor Sportsman's Royal Manor
Las Vegas, Nevada
"Miss. M H"
I did an extreme amount of research to get a weekly or monthly rental in Las Vegas. Sportsmans Royal Manor offers the best amenities at the fairest price. The paperwork is lengthy but if you read carefully it protects the renter from outside rif raf and tenants who are not willing to obey laws. Laws including: excessive guests, noise, traffic, failure to let exterminaters enter etc.. Backround checks are said to be preliminary. The one bedroom has a living room, kitchen, separate bedroom and bathroom. Where a visitor may be mistaken is that you bring sheets, toiletries, kitchenware to save** on your hotel bill. For a large HIGHLY PATROLLED premise with great rates it's a 5. As with ALL budget hotels bring commonsense** and household pest control and common cleaners. Not Rocket Science.