Paul Ramirez
Bicycle Casino Bicycle Casino
Bell Gardens, California
"Paul Ramirez"
This 1 Star is for the valet area this is the 3rd time I’ve had to wait 15 minutes for them to bring me my car. You know what’s sad is that when I asked the manager where is my car he looked at me and asked me if I paid I said wow in my head you just took my payment 10 minutes ago and asked me if I wanted to use my points on my players card. Then he went to check and they never even took my keys to go grab my car. I was disappointed and mad ?? at the staff and the manager for having a horrible memory. The hotel and casino management should look into this matter and have it addressed to there staff and needs improvement especially when they charge us $5 for valet parking when it’s free to park it yourself and FYI they would get way better tips if they just hustled. Especially when it is busy they move like turtles ??. For as long as I wait to collect my vehicle I will be parking it by myself from now on to avoid the headaches.