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Apr 27 '18 at 2:11

I attended a private event at Rehab at the Hard Rock Hotel. This review only relates to my experiences arriving, using these facilities, and exciting the property. The Hard Rock Hotel, or HRH as the locals call it, is somewhat off the beaten path, but that doesn't make it any less cool. The location makes it extremely convenient to the airport, and travel to and from the HRH is not as much is a hassle as the strip properties. Rehab is an outdoor day and night club located in the middle of the property. The pool was closed for this visit. The pool is surrounded by luxurious cabanas, each of which has a safe for your personal belongings. There are a number of bars, and you can order from essentially anywhere in the club. Restrooms are located in the back corner. They can be slippery if the pool is open, so beware. Adjacent to Rehab is Pink Taco, a delicious Cal-Mex eatery. Try the Pink Taco Platter. When leaving the HRH, taxis are out front, but ride share services must pick up in the rear at the base level of the parking deck.