Cafe Orleans Cafe Orleans
Restaurant @ Mardi Gras Casino & Resort
"Clyde Suttles"
Stop by on my way to Ohio 40 bucks in my pocket not a lot of gas figured 45 more miles or take my chances first time roll the dice probably a stupid idea but I took my chances so I stopped in not the best looking place when you walk in possibly needs an update definitely not Hollywood but who goes to Hollywood casinos it's kind of like that gym you really never hear about but it's great when you find it or here's mine I walked out. Within the matter of a few minutes I don't know but call it beginner's luck I don't know. When I go back there yeah why not not one of the most glamorous Casino Resorts but if you can win that quick walking in it's got to be a good Casino thumbs up I didn't work out with a million dollars or anything but heck 2 thousand good enough for me.