B Spot
Restaurant @ JACK Cleveland Casino
Updated review - April 2017 - After some delay The B Spot did reach out to me and let me know that they have addressed issues at the casino location. I have visited twice before updating my review and can report that previous visit unhappiness has been in fact addressed and fixed. Dinner last night was typical B Spot fantastic. I am including a photo of the bratwurst and while burgers are the B Spot specialty, don't sell yourself short and miss out on a fantastic brat. Great job B Spot! Feb 2017 - Food was not up to other B Spot location standards. Tried contacting B Spot on their website about my visit with no response before I decided to post this. Got no reply in 3 weeks. If they care so little about my bad experience to not bother contacting me then folks should know that. Tiny, poor tasting burger, tomato so unripe it was white. Pretty rough meal overall. Pics attached for you to see for yourself. That finger is my wife's index finger. The burger was just larger than from her fingertip to her knuckle.