Meadows Buffet Meadows Buffet
Restaurant @ Prairie's Edge Casino Resort
"Paul Flowers"
Mixed bag, the hotel was beautiful, nice sized rooms with comfortable bed, but it was supposed to be a non smoking room and it reeked of tobacco keeping me coughing all night. The Casino was nice but same thing, the smoke was thick enough to cut with a knife, they could use better ventilation for certain, we actually came away ahead on the gambling, not by much but had fun. Beautiful pool/hot tub area, but way heavy on the hot tub chemicals, I know its hard to keep them right by as a former hotel manager I know it can be done, its just a matter of proper training of the pool tender. All in all, we will go back, will want to check out the room before we check in though, I would give them 3 1/2 stars over all. Edit, dropping to a one star and that is just because of the great restaurant, its been three months since we went before, and the place has went to the dogs, except for the great restaurant, it was fantastic with great service, but they have replaced most of the good machines with derelicts from 30 years ago, even have coin machines, some will take bills only and dispense tickets, others dispense coins only, none appear to be winners, after 4 hours on the floor without seeing one single decent win for anybody, we left, the place was crowded on a Sunday afternoon. The smoke was so bad it was like walking through a grey fog, they must have cut back on the ventilation budget. We did not stay the night, I was so disappointed, I thought we had found a decent casino like we had in Mississippi and Colorado, Guess they got greedy, the building is beautiful, guess they think that will be enough to hold them through.