Meadows Buffet Meadows Buffet
Restaurant @ Prairie's Edge Casino Resort
"Samantha Schmalz"
Came from Minneapolis to spend some much needed quality fun time with my husband without our 3 children. Spent one night and spent good money. The trip was ruined however because we ended up getting pulled over by tribal police upon leaving the casino parking lot. The officer stated they were called by casino security, who were watching us on camera sitting in the parking lot. My husband was smoking a cigar, the security told the police that we were smoking marijuana. The officer claimed we were both on video smoking marijuana, they proceeded to put us in separate squad cars and then, I feel, illegally searched our vehicle. After which they impounded our car because the officer "didn't feel we could drive". I assure you we were sober. After the search, he said it was "too cold out to do a field sobriety test outdoors" and that they were going to take him to jail to do the testing. My husband passed the over an HOUR LONG testing session and the officer still wouldn't let us get the car for 12 hours!!!! Needless to say I will be getting a lawyer and hoping they will not continue this behavior. Honestly I hate to even think like this but I can't help but feel that we were racially profiled. My husband is black and I'm white. There were several other people in the parking lot but they chose to focus attention on us for some reason. Turned our happy relaxing weekend into hell. Thanks a lot!!!!!