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Feb 20 '18 at 1:03
Went to the Western Door for me and my fiance's anniversary/engagement dinner. They were helpful and welcoming, even with our 2 year old, who is pretty well behaved. We hate being "those people" with a noisy child. They brought out some crackers and bread to help occupy him while our dinner was being prepared. I had the French onion soup, which was a delicious, cheesy and tasty concoction. It tasted very fresh and looked amazing! She had the strip steak which looked phenomenal and appeared to be bigger in portion than the menu stated. Cooked to perfection and properly seasoned. She said it was probably the best steak she'd ever had! I don't disagree because my prime rib, which also seemed bigger than advertised was definitely the best prime rib I've ever tasted. It would be perfectly acceptable for a person without teeth to eat that prime rib with ease. My lobster tail was also perfectly cooked and seasoned. Lobster can get tough very quickly and very easily. Western Door managed to completely avoid that, as it was perfectly cooked! This place is not a cheap meal, but what you are paying for, you absolutely get back in taste and quality! Again, I can't say enough about the staff (Nicole and Steve) How friendly and accepting they were to our boy (who thankfully was well behaved) made it an enjoyable experience and a meal we will never forget. Thanks Western Door!