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Apr 28 '18 at 20:02

Alexander Czernay

Alexander Czernay
The most iconic club in Hamburg! Before there were the „dancing towers“ at the entrance to Reeperbahn, an old commercial building took that place. Ground level occupied by then famous Mojo Club. Acid Jazz was the sound of those days at Mojo. Raffeal Morineau established his Café Abstrait in the very same location. That building was removed and Mojo gone for about ten years. When the it came back, it was the return of a century. The entrance makes clear you’re entering some very special location: During the day the stairs are covered by big brass plates that are lifted up at night. You literally walk down into the Reeperbahn‘s ground. The whole location is build as a huge cylinder driven vertically into the ground. The circular layout is reflected throughout the location. Rounded edges everywhere. Perfect views from the upper and lower floors. It feels a bit like going down into a cathedral hidden below the ground. Mobiles don’t work down here, which is a huge plus. The crowds come here to party! If you’re able to get hold of a concert ticket for this location, grab it! It the best indoor location for concerts you‘ll experience! And for clubbing it’s just perfect! Come here and enjoy! This is Hamburg.