Emily's Cafe Emily's Cafe
Restaurant @ Club Fortune Casino
"Danamarie Baraga"
I gave Club Fortune five stars ONLY because I went there to see Michael Grimm. He is phenomenal. Breath taking voice, easy to talk with and all around funny personality. He is a diamond in the rough, his talent is rare. Now, on the service of staff at Club Fortune I give them only two stars. The mixologist, bar tender, call her what you would like; she was only paying attention to men. I have money, I will tip and I only wanted water. It took me over 10 minutes to get her attention, when I did she literally rolled her eyes and sat the bottle of water out of my arms reach. Normally I would ask a cocktail waitress but this place didn't have any cocktail waitresses! Honestly, Michael did them a favor by playing at this location, if not for him I will not return. If you're looking for a place without class, or to just use the restroom, or even if you need the immediate attention of a security guard, come here there were plenty to spare.