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Apr 13 '18 at 16:38

Center Bar

Samuel Debebe
I stayed in this hotel over the last weekend of March, 2018. Lake Tahoe Blvd was closed for emergency repair work and traffic was diverted towards Harvey's. I parked my car in Harvey's parking structure and walked through a somewhat confusing route towards Harrah's front desk. After I checked in, I needed to return to my car to bring my luggage, but I got confused again and found myself in Harrah's valet only parking structure. This was where I met one of the most ill-mannered and rude valet attendant ever. He treated me as if I was some sort of criminal or burglar even after I mentioned to him that I was a hotel guest and showed him the room key. I tried to tell him that I entered the valet only parking unintentionally looking for my car, but he just kept telling me in a very rude and suggestive way that I was not supposed to be there. I remember passing by a group of valet attendants before entering the structure and they could have stopped me there. But instead they chose to wait until I got inside so that they could harass me. I felt so humiliated and my whole weekend was ruined. I am glad that my two kids were not there to witness this unfortunate incident.