The Buffet The Buffet
Restaurant @ Beau Rivage Resort & Casino
"Albert Ruiz III"
Very nice, but missed the mark for great. I was here for a convention so I got to experience a lot the hotel. Hotel room is good. The convention rooms are very nice and the staff was great for us. I found the casino to be on par with most other casinos of this tier. Just skip the buffet and definitely don't get crab legs. If you read the Google break down it sums it up well. But for those that want more details. The hotel room size, design and views are great, but the maintenance hurts the hotel a lot. The showers are as predictable as the roulette wheels downstairs - cold, hot, hot, cold, hot, goodbye skin. Also I found the shower incredibly uncomfortable, meaning it's design was difficult to get started and even actually washing up. While casinos go pretty straight forward, the Golden Nugget was very clean with good dealers. Again they miss the mark with barley any drinks coming to players.