Turf Club
Restaurant @ Cherokee Casino - Will Rogers Downs
"Larry Frye"
Casino is small, slots only, no table games. One restaurant but the food was good. We were watching the horse races up in the stands...very small crowd and wife who is avid horse lover was taking pictures of the horses with her 35mm SLR camera. Security guard accompanied by police officer approached her and asked if she was taking pictures 'for anybody' . She says no they were just for her and security advised no pictures with 'that kind of camera' were allowed. We asked if cell phone cameras were OK and he said yes...just no cameras with detachable lenses. No signs anywhere or anything on the website about this. Still no idea why and it seemed pretty silly since cell phones take great pictures also....just no real telephoto ability. Left the wife a little disappointed and like she said kind of killed the fun of the event. We left and won't be back.